GSN may be the biggest public circle in Greec e for the few customers they acts

GSN may be the biggest public circle in Greec e for the few customers they acts

Circle Gear

Specifically, they interconnects as well as connects on the net over education, a residential district of just one. youngsters and teachers. GSN can be applied modern-day internet engineering and is also one of the first five class systems in the arena that adopted IPv6 method.

GSN possess 118 nodes in most nation capitals and also in the largest Greek towns. The cheatingcougars review amount of nodes is anticipated to achieve 120 because of the integration regarding the interconnection of GSN because of the Metropolitan Optical soluble fiber N etworks of Municipalities. The technical employees of CTI which in charge of appropriate performance in the spine system manages over 200 system tools every day. The common network visitors of GSN on the Internet is more than 9 Gbps daily.

Lately, GSN improved the system infrastructures for the class hard of Grava (the larg est in Greece), utilizing the most advanced optical and wireless technology to provide significantly more than 3.500 consumers.

Main data center Machines

The computing system of GSN are electronic qually str onger. Through this structure, GSN supplies the service to above members (schools, administrative products, instructors, college students, etc.)

The main information middle of GSN is found in Athens. Three some other (of modest ability) data centers are located in Thessaloniki (one) plus Patras (two). Lire la suite