The way I Slept with 51 Dominican women in 4 Quick period

The way I Slept with 51 Dominican women in 4 Quick period

By 199flags

My amount of time in the Dominican Republic is nothing short of epic. Dominican women are some of the hottest feamales in the planet.

I am going to promote plenty of details about this smaller Caribbean jewel and can even at some point dedicate a book to it.

Pros and cons into the DR

Inside my amount of time in the Dominican, we engaged in some of the freakiest, many ardent and flat-out fantastic lovemaking of my entire life. The Dominican ladies were committed within the room, fiery in nature and loaded.

It needed operation, and the good news is, my travel cover sealed the whole cost (over $2k). They stemmed from a bike accident.

Rating like a professional inside the Dominican

After I cured, I proceeded an absolute tear that placed a stamp on my amount of time in the DR. While nonetheless maintaining the injury, I strike the online dating market difficult when you look at the month of January.

Some Unlocked Accomplishments:

  • Installed using my very first Dominicana
  • Hooked up with my earliest Haitian
  • Have my personal first threesome with one Haitian and one Dominicana
  • 4 threesomes as a whole, all FFM, and another was with 1 / 2 sisters
  • Have one lady pleasure my personal jewels whilst other attended to my personal limb (the half-sisters)
  • Gained 4 girls in a 24-hour course, including my personal basic threesome
  • Continued to realize 5 ladies in a 36-hour cycle to cap from the 4 girl achievement
  • Deflowered a sensational 18-year-old virgin, white Dominicana w/ environmentally friendly eyes and freckles
  • Dated an 18-yr-old for a month that resembles Rihanna

Other Interesting Accomplishment:

The Dominican Republic increased my life on many grade. The lifestyle try exceptional. The following is a list of certain advantages and disadvantages:

Attracting Dominicanas

We practically exclusively used internet dating to obtain dates. Dominican Cupid boosted my personal profits. Lire la suite