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get together

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phrasal verb

furthermore hook individuals or something like that up, hook up somebody or something connect somebody or something like that to an item, especially digital devices.

  • ‘he was hooked up to an electrocardiograph’
  • ‘There is a backlinks webpage, which hooks you up to some rare book sites also author internet.’
  • ‘This is the process where your pc or host attempts to make a system link via internet process, a common way of hooking this equipment up.’
  • ‘She warned united states in a highly rehearsed sinister tone that we shouldn’t be alarmed because of the medical equipment Fay had been hooked up to.’
  • ‘The just energy the twins weren’t connected to life-saving products ended up being between the delivery space and intense practices.’
  • ‘The cows might possibly be hooked up towards milking machine and I also would-be straddled atop.’
  • ‘For four-hours on a daily basis, 3 days a week, he is connected to a dialysis equipment, which carries out the work of his personal kidneys and helps to keep him lively.’
  • ‘On Christmas Eve, a decade ago, she had been connected to various gadgets in medical after drinking to excess.’
  • ‘Her important body organs will work fine, which means that the woman is perhaps not connected to a device.’
  • ‘They hooked him to devices and pumped your chock-full of medicines.’
  • ‘The nursing assistant explained to me they hook your to a device that takes the bloodstream, centrifuges they, eliminates the platelets & most for the plasma following provides right back the rest.’
  • ‘One promising technique for unlocking the views of paralyzed customers is to catch them doing electroencephalograms.’
  • ‘Once you connect it to some other machine, it will both overwrite the music or (should you determine) do-nothing.’
  • ‘minimal did the 17-year-old realize that 2 days later on, however be connected to equipments, not able to weep for help.’
  • ‘we inspected the devices he had been installed to, making certain his air saturation amount and heart and breathing prices were exactly what the nurses envisioned these to end up being.’
  • ‘Every evening he had been installed to a device at their family home in Offerton, Stockport, for 12 many hours to wash his blood.’
  • ‘It can connect to the web via a general landline, or the device may be connected to a cellular telephone to get in touch without any cables.’
  • ‘The animals become installed to milking equipments with timers on them.’
  • ‘Brazelton addicted newborn babies as much as electroencephalographs and then uncovered them to a flickering light source just like a television but with no photos.’
  • ‘Do maybe not catch the device around the web, power it up and forget about any of it.’
  • ‘What a coupler does was enable you to keep pins in all their attachments and hook an accessory as much as the hydraulics.’

2 casual (of two people) meet or form an union. Lire la suite