Online dating services software as an advertising network: a generational technique

Online dating services software as an advertising network: a generational technique



This study is designed to discover if internet romance application is widely seen as an acceptable route to do approaches tasks and are aware of the differences when considering ages times, Y and Z for this acceptance.


A maximum of 411 Tinder owners’ responses comprise acquired and reviewed making use of copy exploration to calculate the belief get every response, and a Kruskal–Wallis H sample to verify if discover mathematical differences when considering each age bracket.


The final results proved constructive acceptability toward the marketing campaign on Tinder, specially Z Generation. However, the statistical studies reported your differences when considering each age group may not be statistically considerable.

Analysis limitations/implications

The key limitation relates to the reality that the members, throughout the facts compilation, announced their detection, probably producing acquiescence tendency. Besides, the study mainly protected a man people. A structured design could be beneficial to look at any possible differences when considering gender.

Practical ramifications

Effects render a significant indicator for enterprises pertaining to their particular promotion techniques performed on Tinder to totally take advantage of the potential for using Tinder instead and useful network to do marketing tasks.


Until recently, no reports attempted to comprehend the effectation of a marketing activities on line on an internet romance application.


  • Social media marketing
  • Promotion conversation route
  • Online dating apps
  • Tinder
  • Content mining
  • Belief testing




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