Top online casino apps with free sign up bonuses

Top online casino apps with free sign up bonuses

The world of online casino gambling is fun for many reasons. It’s not just the huge variety of games that trumps their land-based counterparts, it’s also the added extra of free signup bonuses that you get when you sign up with an online casino.

For quite a long time, players were content with playing casino games from their desktop PC or laptop. However, mobile gambling was knocking on the door way before it came alive. With the development of new apps for this and that and everything, it was only a matter of time before casinos hit the mobile market.

In 2022, mobile gambling is much more popular than gaming on the desktop. Why sit for hours in front of a screen when you can do everything on the go? Thanks to apps and mobile-optimized websites, that’s now a reality. You can now play games on the go and claim fantastic and unique bonuses which will boost your bankroll for the challenges ahead.

All of these offers are available to claim online, or from mobile using one of the operator’s casino apps. Mobile casino gaming is catching up with regular 300% welcome bonus desktop casinos thanks to the convenience of being able to play straight from our smartphones.

What’s a Casino App?

Casino apps are specially designed applications that contain all of the casino’s games as well as dozens of bonuses and promotions. These apps run on smartphones and other platforms, usually on Android and iOS. You can install them on your smartphone or tablet with ease (usually for free) and fire them up with an active Internet connection to play your favorite games and get more than one casino welcome bonus anytime and anywhere.

Free gambling apps are either available in the two biggest stores (Google Play and App Store), or via the casino’s website directly. Regardless of where you get the app, you’ll be playing a string of the highest RTP slots and most likely get an exclusive bonus that will boost your on-the-go credit right away. Lire la suite